Tenkuu no Escaflowne Screencaps

here: http://community.livejournal.com/escafans/144280.html
included are all 26 eps of the TV series Remastered (meaning: contains the missing scenes, and has the better quality of the remastered version), opening and ending (credit and credit-less versions), Next Eps Preview 02-26, Aban (the "First Scene" of the initial episodes), the movie, PS Game Footage

Note: done by myself using ‘Free Video to Jpg Converter’, Setting: 1 shot / sec (for a 20-25 min epsiode there are about 1500-1900 shots),
Disclaimer: feel free to use for ava/icon/banner etc., credit is courteous, no sharing of links directly -> link back to the entry
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Offerings & Recs of Secondary Ships

okay, so i bring a completed story! woo! for those waiting for more of "inside out", my dryden/millerna fic, i've hit a wall. i definitely have more chapters, but i wanted to present them in a quick and consise, finished manner. i added in a subplot, and am working it into the existing chapters, and even changed the title. so it'll come back eventually, hopefully finished so no one has to wait.

in the meantime, here's some other stuff to keep you occupado.

  • Between The Lines - rated T, posted on ffnet, it's an Eries/Folken and Eries/Allen pre-series through the end of the series fic. so far i've garnered decent reviews, so it's not just me saying it's any good :) i'm actually rather proud of it. and i wrote it in record time - like, less than a week. crazy.

  • Little Sister - rated K, just a short one-shot about Millerna set after "Dangerous Wounds" and before "False Vows" (remember the Elvis song? "Little sister don't you do what your big sister done...")

the Recs part:

  • if anyone hasn't read it yet, you really should check out a trilogy by Aerika S on ffnet, which starts with Secret Life of a Girl (rated K+). it's an Eries-centric fic, with the first part being pre-series (and she has some really really great original characters), the second part, "Always", being the series bit, and the third part, still in progress but with plenty of chapters to take up your time, "Intrigues of a Princess". i admit, i read the last one first, not knowing there were others. but i suggest you start at the beginning to get the whole picture. good good stuff.

  • and of course, because I can't remember how i first found out about it, i'll pass it on here - Didodikali's "Four Minutes", which has to be the funniest, sweetest thing i ever read. alas, it does get smutty, and it's illustrated, so the rating is NC-17, but it's not ALL smut. it's mostly just sweet and funny and good. and i laughed my corny ass off at the horse joke. i really did. and Dryden is just so damn adorable. there is a bit of making fun of allen, but i assure you, it's all good-natured. he does have really nice hair...

  • lastly, but not least, despite being such a hardcore Dryden/Millerna fan, i still really enjoyed Second Loves, Second Chances, a *gasp* Eries/Dryden fic. i was dubious myself at first, but it's so well written, and makes so much sense based on their take of D/M that you can't help but go with their flow. and they use original characters from Aerika S's trilogy (as well as her "version" of Celena), so you might want to familiarize yourself with that first - it's a different conclusion, rather than "Intrigues", it's spliced in right after the series ends...

hope it's a bit to keep you busy for awhile.

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Hey there. Name's Tobias. Back to LJ after a long absence, and decided to seek out some communities to keep me coming back this time. I'm a huge fan of Escaflowne, and have been for - wow, six years now. It's been my favorite anime since I first saw it, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

I'm mostly a Dilandau fan, and my favorite pairing is Dilandau x Celena or Dilandau x Dragonslayers, but I've been known to dabble in Dilandau x Van, Dilandau/Celena x Allen, and Dilandau x Folken from time to time. ;x

I think that's it for now. x3 Looking forward to hanging out here and meeting new people. Ciao!
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[mixin it up]

okay, so two of my very good friends introduced me to Escaflowne just a few weeks ago. it is basically their favourite anime, and they made me love it too :)

anywho, their anniversary is in two more weeks. so i'm making them Esca-fabulous giftbags. in addition to mystery mech trading figures from Mugen Toys, i decided to also do a mixtape for each of them of their fave esca characters.

so here is where i need your help.

for C, i'm doing a Van mix. general, not a specific ship or anything, nor am i asking for any specific genre of music, because they seem to like pretty much everything. i have quite a library, but it's been awhile since i've made a fanmix, so i'm looking for suggestions. thing is, it's getting a little (ok, a LOT) van/hitomi shippy, and i don't want it to be JUST that, so help there would be awesome.

what i have so far:
  • "Closer to You" by the Wallflowers
  • "All Good Things" by Nelly Furtado
  • "Hoper" by Stand (for i've been afraid, it's all beneath the cuts, and when i lost my way, you brought me 'round)
  • "Little Victories" by Matt Nathanson (and i'll be awful sometimes, weakened to my knees, but i'll learn to get by with little victories)
  • "Heroes" by David Bowie (is this too "happy ending"?)

and for N, i'm doing a Folken mix. again, anything goes. and there's no guarantee that what i produce now will make the final cut, as i always end up with like, thirty songs i love, and pare it down to about 10-14, based on musical flavor if i can't make myself pare down enough just crossing off ones that are "sorta"

what i have so far:
  • "Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • "Tinfoil Star" by Jet Set Satellite (found my courage now, i'm finally face to face with it...no second chance would ever come along...)
  • "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse
  • "Eyes, Radio, Lies" by Orgy
  • "Bright End of Nowhere" by Matthew Good
  • "No Bravery" by James Blunt
  • "Can't Make It Good" by Raine Maida & Chantal K. (i'm afraid i sink deeper deeper, i'm sick of these tendencies. i know i just can't make it good, but if i could show you the world and the way i think it should turn... this is perhaps folken's song for his brother at the end?)

and may i share that the perfect van/hitomi song is "the goodbye girl" by bread?

all your life you've waited for love to come and stay,
and now that i have found you, you must not slip away.
i know it's hard believing the words you've heard before
but darling you must trust them just once more
cos baby a goodbye doesn't mean forever
let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again
if you wake up and i'm not there, i won't be long away
cos the things you do, my goodbye girl, will bring me back to you.
i know you've been taken, afraid to hurt again
you fight the love you feel for me, instead of giving in
but i can wait forever, helping you to see that i was meant for you and you for me.
so remember a goodbye doesn't mean forever
let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again
though we may be so far apart, you still will have my heart
so forget your past, my goodbye girl, now you're home at last.

okay. that's what i've got. help me? as you can see, i've got a canvas, and a few colours, but not enough to create the masterpieces yet :)

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Hello there. I'm new to this community and I just wanted to give friendly wave. 

I was hoping maybe you all could help me. I've been an Esca fan for.... aha, well. A long, long time. Recently I found my tapes in a box and had a bunch of friends over to watch it - thus rekindling my love for the series and my search on the internet for anything and everything Esca. I've seen some doujin around that look absolutely amazing. The art is smooth and very professionally done and the pairing seems to be Van and Hitomi. I would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on some of these, or scans of them. If anyone knows which doujin I'm speaking of (I have no idea what circle they belong to...) and could point me in the direction of purchase or scans I'd be just delighted. Thanks very much in advance!