September 2nd, 2003

Interesting Random Stuff!

Okay! Let's get this community rolling! I'm going to write random things now I've noticed in hopes to get the ball rolling. :)

In episode two of the series when the enemy starts attacking and the guard rushes up the stairs to warn the people of Fanelia have you noticed the child in the background picking his nose? That little bugger was also there when Van and Hitomi arrived in Fanelia and Merle molests hugs Van. :) Ahhh the wonders of catching small details like that.

Also, another thing that really gets me is that Naria and Eriya keep switching places after they get the Intensified Luck (I'm bad with numbers thus am not listing episode numbers). :p

And finally! When I watched the series with our exchange student Takako while Allen is taking care of Hitomi in either episode three or four (*coughs* I'm bad with numbers *coughs*) he admits he thinks himself cool. And yet my friends wonder why I have such an aversion so him.

Thank you all! *bows*
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