September 7th, 2003



'Allo all! I was directed here by Anne a.k.a MaboroshiTsuki and I wish to say 'hi' to everyone! that.

Um....I'm writing an Escaflowne fanfic here

And I want to say that Allen is not as bad as everyone makes him! I think we need to put up a picket fence at the Sunrise HQ saying 'Allen may be annoying but he's not a bad person' and also saying 'S.O.A' a.k.a 'SAVE OUR ALLENS' from extinction that is!

Hey, also does anyone else find that some of the vocal songs on the Esca OST e.g 'I reccomend instincts' are actually annoying 0_o I mean there's also this one in english on the second OST I think? Which sounds like it's trying to be the Goo Goo Dolls or something 0_o

I just couldn't believe they were actually on the OST! At least we get tracks like 'Yakusoku wa Iranai' and 'If You' to quench our thirst!