November 7th, 2003

The ULTIMATE Question

*pokes community with cattle prod* Okay, to get this community rolling (snort) I pose the ULTIMATE QUESTION for you all to answer (or else I'll hunt you down and tickle you with, uh... Van's feather? Either that or smack you with a guymelf hand, whichever is handy). :) Okay, the question:

Which is the best scene in the Escaflowne series and why?

I have many favorites but the one that has been playing in my mind today is definately the scene where Hitomi blows Allen off and goes for a run with a beautiful Maaya Sakamoto singing number, the slow motion running, and her conversation with Folken (and realizing "that's her power"). I don't know... it could be the fact I'm studying the walk cycle and motion of people for why that one is sticking in my mind at the moment... haha, I can also mention when... well, we won't mention the ending but episode 26 near the end, heart heart, *wink*. :)

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