November 19th, 2003



Does anyone else here write fanfiction? I do! It's over at under 'dillpops' ^^;;;;

Me and Maboroshi no tsuki/Anne got introduced through that! did that happen again? >_<

Anyway, I love Escaflowne fanfiction but I wish everyone would stop picking on Allen! Anyway, do you guys like fanfiction? Anyone write?
YOI ♥ Way to surprise you


Haha, i just realized I never made a post here, just comments. I wonder why Anne hasn't killed me yet for it. :P

I was just wondering, is there any really into Escaflowne as much as me? Everybody calls me an esca-freak (-_-;;) but I guess there's truth to that name considering I have: 2 scrolls, 6 posters, a 4 by 2 section of cabinets devoted to Van and Hitomi, pictures of Esca cut out from various places and stuck on my cabinets, the series on DVD as well as the cards that you sent away for with the DVD's proof of purchase, the movie on dvd before it was released in the USA (it's a bootleg if you haven't figured it out -_-;;), the videogame, the figures (still in box; I can't bear to open them, no matter how much I yearn to make Van and Hitomi kiss), the escaflowne model, 2 cels (one more arriving soon), the 3 shonen manga volumes, scanlations of the shoujo manga on my compy harddrive, 2 artbooks, 3 CDs, a pencil board, 3 purchased fanarts, a couple of the rare movie tarot cards, 2 keychains, 2 pins, and more doujinshis then I care to count at the moment.

I swear my life isn't mainly esca, though the fact that I'm making Van and Hitomi dolls and handmade esca stickers doesn't promote the idea that I'm not obsessed. -_-;;

Well, let's see anyone beat that. :P