November 24th, 2003

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Escaflowne clock

Alright. .because I'm this nerdy my friend showed me a way to make your own wall clocks. I'm currently in the process of making my own (bet you can't guess what of ^_~) I may take a shot of it and show to the community if anyone likes (er. .if it turns out well that is LOL)

If it works would anyone be interested in me posting how you TOO can make your own Escaflowne wall clocks - or am I the only one this compuslive? heh. .(I really only ask because the few I have been able to find online weren't too impressive. Sorry if this is way OT)


- Escaflowne was originally going to be 39 episodes long, but was cut by 13 episodes in pre-production. That resulted in the 'rushed' feel of the latter half of the series and why it has no filler episodes.

- Escaflowne was originally going to be a traditional mecha shounen (for boys) style anime, but in order to attract girls to the series, they decided to make the main character a girl. This caused a snowball affect which resulted in all the 'bishounen'(attractive men) in the series, and effectively turning it into a mecha shoujo(for girls) type show.

- Hitomi originally had long hair and glasses, but was changed in pre-production to the short haired athletic girl we all know.

- Zaibach's 'Alseides' and 'Oreides' Guymelefs come from the book Hermaphrodite, where they were types of nymphs.

- As famous as the song 'Dance of Curse' is, its only played 3 times in the entire series, when we first see Escaflowne in action, when it first transforms into a dragon, and when Van and Allen battle in the final episode.

-Despite its butchering of the soundtrack, the FOX/YTV version of Escaflowne actually used a track from the soundtrack never used in the original, entitled Illusion (from the 3rd OST)

-In the subtitled version of Escaflowne, Hitomi's friends have the exact same voices suprisingly enough. Amano and Allen share the same voice, as do Yukari and Millerna. Unfortunately the dub decided to only stay consistant with the males, using different actresses for Yukari and Millerna.

-FOX watched a grand total of four episodes of Escaflowne before purchasing the TV license for it. We all know how that ended up.

-Most of the lyrical songs used in the series, including 'Promises Not Necessary', 'Tomodachi', 'Aoi Hitomi', 'Hikari No Nake E' and 'The Day the Wind Blows' were sung by Maya Sakamoto, who did the voice for Hitomi.

-Only two songs from the series were not released on any of the official soundtracks. The first is the theme played when the Zaibach Sorcerors study Escaflowne in episode 18. The other is the faster paced version of 'Ask the Owl' when we meet Dryden in episode 14. On the contrary, plenty of songs from the soundtracks including 'The Day the Wind Blows', 'Illusion', 'A Country Man', 'Love' and 'If You' were not used at all in the series.

++ From *smug* I knew most of that... but I'm sure that I only know about 1/100 of what there is to know. *defeated, walks away with tail between legs*
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