December 14th, 2003

The Ultimate Question

I'm feeling rather, what's the word... risky, curious, uh... wanting people to post here (?) so pose another ultimate question for us to fight talk about. :)

In the Escaflowne movie, who do you truely think was the Winged Goddess, Hitomi or Sora?

Looking Tsubasa no Kami website the webmistress Lizzard says the following about it:

"The characters in the movie all assume that it is Hitomi, but if you watch the film carefully, you will find many clues indicating that Sora is the real Wing Goddess. Note how Sora gives ambiguous answers to Folken's questions about the Wing Goddess' whereabouts. When he asks if the Wing Goddess is present in Torushina, she replies yes — which is true whether the Tsubasa no Kami is Hitomi or herself. Earlier in the film, Sora tells Folken that the Wing Goddess is on Gaia and has made her way to the other dragon, Van. But her wording leaves it unclear if she is referring to Hitomi, who has physically appeared in front of Van, or to herself, who is clearly starting to side with Van and the Abaharaki on a philosophical level. The proverbial smoking gun is the fact that at the end of the film, Escaflowne at one point appears to be dissolving and flowing into Sora.

The evidence in Prologue 1: Earth and Prologue 2: Gaea, on the other hand, appears to indicate that Hitomi is in fact the Tsubasa no Kami. In the drama, Sora frequently refers to Hitomi as the Wing Goddess in no uncertain terms. Either she is lying outright, or Sora herself honestly believes that the chosen one is Hitomi. However, some fans have claimed that the radio drama is not true canon because it was written before film production was complete. Thus, the argument goes, the drama cannot be used as proof one way or the other."

So people, what do you think? Sora or Hitomi?? I DARE YOU TO ANSWER! XD
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