December 24th, 2003


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Hello everyone!! My name is Francesca, or you can call me chika, like everyone else online does.

I'm a big fan of Escaflowne. Unlike many of you, I really don't have any items to prove to you I'm a fan. There isn't really any place to buy Escaflowne stuff in my town(expect with Ebay, but I have the worst luck with that). At the moment, all I have is about $20, which I'm saving to buy Escaflowne box set. So I only have...$179 to go. ^-^;

I've seen the whole series(sub), I don't plan on seeing the dubed. I've also seen the movie. I almost read the first volume of the manga, but I relized it was in japanese, and I can't quite read japanese yet. Well that's about it. Thank you for reading!!!!
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Hi everyone, thought I'd contribute something for you to look at.
Are there any Folken fans out there?
..yeah, well how about Movie Version Folken?

*hears crickets chirping*

Thought so. (There's a hard breed to find.) I present for general consumption, Wing of Dragon, Song of Goddess, a fansite devoted to Folken and Sora!

Stop by and let me know what you think.
And if anyone has an esca website and is interested, we can negotiate link trading (that'll force me to start work on a banner =)

thx! and Merry Xmas!!
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