February 28th, 2006

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Okay, instead of answering questions of where I got the doujinshi images for my icons posted here individually, I decided to share the answer in one post. First, I'd admit that I'm a horrible person for not posting a resource list for the images, but quite frankly, I don't remember where I downloaded all the images from. o___o I am self-proclaimed image hoarder, and whenever I see a doujinshi, not only do I try to buy it, I also save the preview pictures, because they = teh pretty. u__u;;

Anyways, because I'm continuing into my decline, here and here are galleries of doujinshi scans I collected. The first one is separated into scans I did (including Van&Hitomi hentai you can only see if you ask me to friend you) and ones by others, but the second one is mixed. (But all the the ones on the first page I do own).

Which gets me to the real part of this post (ho noes secret agenda): I'm thinking of creating the "Escaflowne Doujinshi Project", where people can scan doujinshi and perhaps even translate them. I see other fandoms get this kind of treatment, and frankly, Escaflowne needs love too.

Just a thought~

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