June 22nd, 2008

art girl

Offerings & Recs of Secondary Ships

okay, so i bring a completed story! woo! for those waiting for more of "inside out", my dryden/millerna fic, i've hit a wall. i definitely have more chapters, but i wanted to present them in a quick and consise, finished manner. i added in a subplot, and am working it into the existing chapters, and even changed the title. so it'll come back eventually, hopefully finished so no one has to wait.

in the meantime, here's some other stuff to keep you occupado.

  • Between The Lines - rated T, posted on ffnet, it's an Eries/Folken and Eries/Allen pre-series through the end of the series fic. so far i've garnered decent reviews, so it's not just me saying it's any good :) i'm actually rather proud of it. and i wrote it in record time - like, less than a week. crazy.

  • Little Sister - rated K, just a short one-shot about Millerna set after "Dangerous Wounds" and before "False Vows" (remember the Elvis song? "Little sister don't you do what your big sister done...")

the Recs part:

  • if anyone hasn't read it yet, you really should check out a trilogy by Aerika S on ffnet, which starts with Secret Life of a Girl (rated K+). it's an Eries-centric fic, with the first part being pre-series (and she has some really really great original characters), the second part, "Always", being the series bit, and the third part, still in progress but with plenty of chapters to take up your time, "Intrigues of a Princess". i admit, i read the last one first, not knowing there were others. but i suggest you start at the beginning to get the whole picture. good good stuff.

  • and of course, because I can't remember how i first found out about it, i'll pass it on here - Didodikali's "Four Minutes", which has to be the funniest, sweetest thing i ever read. alas, it does get smutty, and it's illustrated, so the rating is NC-17, but it's not ALL smut. it's mostly just sweet and funny and good. and i laughed my corny ass off at the horse joke. i really did. and Dryden is just so damn adorable. there is a bit of making fun of allen, but i assure you, it's all good-natured. he does have really nice hair...

  • lastly, but not least, despite being such a hardcore Dryden/Millerna fan, i still really enjoyed Second Loves, Second Chances, a *gasp* Eries/Dryden fic. i was dubious myself at first, but it's so well written, and makes so much sense based on their take of D/M that you can't help but go with their flow. and they use original characters from Aerika S's trilogy (as well as her "version" of Celena), so you might want to familiarize yourself with that first - it's a different conclusion, rather than "Intrigues", it's spliced in right after the series ends...

hope it's a bit to keep you busy for awhile.

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