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Aston Family Cosplay Photos!

I've been messing around with Escaflowne cosplay for ages. The series really needs more cosplay attention paid to the minor characters. I recently completly reworked my Marlene costume and took some pictures with a friend's children as Chid and young Millerna. For those of you scratching your heads, Marlene Aston is Millerna's eldest sister. You know the one. She had an affair with Allen and is Chid's mother. Chid is, of course, the little Prince of Fried. The image and costume of young Millerna is taken from her flashback to her sister's wedding. Referance images, cute pictures, and funny captions under the cut.

"Allen, my love, I miss you already..."

"I guess I have to play by myself now that sister is married. That's no fun!"

"Another portrait? Alright."

"Big sister and I will be together forever and ever!"


"You like your sword, sweetie? Let me tell you a story about a gallant swordsman named Allen Schezar..."


"My sword is really shiny..."
"I do so love visiting home..."
"Sister has to go home tomorrow?!?

"No! Sister is not going home tomorrow!"
"It's ok, Millerna. Maybe you can come visit Fried next spring."

"I don't want to play with that Dryden Fassa. He looks funny!"

I played with Photoshop a little. Not great, but something I can have even more fun with later.

See more with comments over at my cosplay journal. I hope you enjoyed this comedic romp through minor character Escaflowne cosplay. This has been x-posted to escafans.
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