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of Hellos and Promotion!

Hello fellow escafans! My name's Diana Moon and I've been a fan of this wonderful series since I first saw a fansub at Fanime many many many years ago. Back before Bandai released it in their now defunt AnimeVillage line. =D Just wanted to introduce myself and make a small promotion, if you don't mind. My friend Trinity loves to enter Icon challenges and was sad to see that there was no such thing *just* for Escaflowne. So by prodding me, as she knew I'm a diehard fan, we made an Icon Awards community just for Escaflowne! I've posted the first theme, so please come on over to esca_icontest, join and enter! Let's make some wonderful Escaflowne related icons and spread the love!

*gets off soapbox* ^_^ Oh, one more pimpage-er promotion... If you like to read epic length escafics, please hop on over and read my latest WIP, Twisted Fate. Hope to be active in this community... =D

-Diana Moon

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