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Does anyone know where I can find Dilandau/Gatti? I found a doujinshi online that was that but it was in Japanese, therefore I could not understand it---and I can't seem to find anything else (fic or translated doujinshi) on these two... please tell me I'm not the only shipper for them!

In Need of Beta

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I'm in desperate need of a beta-reader for an Escaflowne continuation fic. (Not a Mary-Sue, not Slash.) My problem isn't really horrible grammar, though there are a few instances that I'm sure I should be shot for it. What I'm really in need of is someone to check continuity with the previous chapters and the canon. It's a project that's taken a back seat to school for the last six months, but I can't seem to finish it on my own with all that I have to do.

Which of course begs the question... Why come to the fans and not go to some big beta reader list?

This story started because I really love the characters of Escaflowne, and I'd like to think that my readers have come to love the characters and the story as I'm developing it. I'm not really interested in a beta that's unfamiliar with the sesries. Ideally, as with my other beta readers, I'll be able to have plot conversations with this person, which requires more than a passing familiarity with the show.

If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be, please let me know and I can give you links to the story to see where it stood before this school-induced hiatus.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this.
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of Hellos and Promotion!

Hello fellow escafans! My name's Diana Moon and I've been a fan of this wonderful series since I first saw a fansub at Fanime many many many years ago. Back before Bandai released it in their now defunt AnimeVillage line. =D Just wanted to introduce myself and make a small promotion, if you don't mind. My friend Trinity loves to enter Icon challenges and was sad to see that there was no such thing *just* for Escaflowne. So by prodding me, as she knew I'm a diehard fan, we made an Icon Awards community just for Escaflowne! I've posted the first theme, so please come on over to esca_icontest, join and enter! Let's make some wonderful Escaflowne related icons and spread the love!

*gets off soapbox* ^_^ Oh, one more pimpage-er promotion... If you like to read epic length escafics, please hop on over and read my latest WIP, Twisted Fate. Hope to be active in this community... =D

-Diana Moon

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I found THIS picture of VanxHitomi via Anime Cubed and just think its absolutely gorgeous! Does anyone know where it came from? If its official or fanart? Because it just said by anonymous...

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