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Falling In Love Again

Even though I have seen Escaflowne the whole series twice and the movie only once. I purchased the first dvd last weekend and fell in love with it all over again.
This anime series is great why hasn't there been anymore series? I would lvoe to know what happened to the gang. Oh well!
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Hello all!
I was introduced to Escaflowne (the series) a few years ago. My sister and I borrowed videos from her friend, and went out and bought 2 of our own (each was $30, eek). Eventually, it got to the point that we had no way of ever finishing the series (lack of money and lack of the movies in the stores nearby). I went almost a year without finishing the series! I almost died. My sister did tell me what happened at the end..I had to know.
When I finally, last year, got to see all of the episodes, I cried. So beautiful.
I now own the entire DVD set. :)
I must say. I've had one hell of a crush on Van.
There's my little story.

So..Escaflowne is without a doubt my msot favorite anime. Second favorite, InuYasha, but I still need to read the rest of the manga..and buy the movies..I'm not made of money..pity.

See you all around.


Ha, ha! Yes, it's me again ^^ But honestly, more people can reply to this post than before.

Putting aside all fanfiction etc. or anything that depicts what happens after the series ends (so discounting movie etc.) my question is:

Will Van and Hitomi ever, ever, ever meet again?

We know they part at the end of the series and lots of fanfiction have them meeting up again or never meeting up. But because we'll never know...EVER, I wanna know how possibile it is they'll have a happy ending or whatever. It could all be like the end of Titanic when she comes down the stairs to meet her Jack again or something?

I would personally, even if they can't live out their whole lives together, like them to meet up one final time. Even if one is on their deathbed. I don't care if they're both 90 years old, but one last time at least. It's too sad that they'll never meet again.

Maybe when they die they can be together BUT what happens if they fall in love with other people? They won't be together ever! Or if one falls in love but the other doesn't change feelings, they'll be unhappy forever! Help!

Escaflowne Video game

Hey everyone, long time no post,huh? Anyway. On the last volume of the Escaflowne DVD's released here in England (and, I suppose Europe) they included all the new animated footage scenes (titled and subbed) of the Escaflowne playstation game. The animation looked so fresh and beautiful, really clean! Anyway, so yeah.

What's the story of the game about? Is it a sequel? A retelling or what? They even go to Tokyo for a scene or two. And Dilandau and Folken are there also. What's going on?
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Merle Fanlisting

Hey Hey! Two entries in a week. A new record for me here in a long time. xD

I was curious if anyone of you would be interested in taking over the Merle fanlisting?? It's currently at my domain but I want it off my domain and to a loving individual who actually really likes Merle that will give it the TLC it deserves. :p (Not that I hate Merle, she's just not my favorite character). I've been really busy with college (like I said, I just changed majors) and rather concentrate on other projects and life then this fanlisting. Plus, I'm more interested in real websites then fanlistings now. ^^;;;

So, if you're interested, leave a comment or e-mail me (it's posted on my profile page) or AIM me at: FritznLuna and we'll talk. xD Feels like slacker for wanting to give it up, but hey, rather it be in the hands of someone who has time and care to do it then the half-arsed job I've been doing for awhile. ^^;;; I also have the new layout that I can give whoever wants the listing... though who knows if you want to use it. xD If not for the listing, I can find some other use. :p

Let me know if you're interested!
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Hello all! It's been forever and I day since I've actually posted in this community. xD (tis the former maboroshitsuki for those of you who don't know of the change. xD). Anyway, two weeks ago I got my wisdom teeth removed and re-watched the Escaflowne and came up with some of my random statements and questions for you all to hear/ponder... (yes, you must take into consideration that I was doped up on pain medication when I was re-watching this movie... I passed out half way through it and had to finish it later too... xD the wonders of pain medication).

1. When Merle and Hitomi are getting strangled by beast dude did anyone ever notice Moleman in the background, seeing, then dodging and running like heck to get away? Trust me, doped up on pain medication with an ice pack on my head I found it really funny and did it on slow motion a few times. :p

2. Okay, here's the whopper of the psycho-ness. I started pondering if Hitomi really went to Gaea or not. Sure, I remember that Millerna slapped Hitomi when Hitomi was like, "This is a dream! GYAAAA O___o;;;;" but don't you guys feel pain in your sleep? Or is it just me? I mean, I started pondering that perhaps she fainted since she fell backwards into black after seeing Folken and all.

... perhaps I'm the only one who saw it since I was so out of it. xD

Well, off to wait for my friend to finish sending me the Japanese version of "Barbie Girl" (I got the German one too xD) so I can go off and finish my design homework (I hate switching majors and going back to the beginning... I took a color and design class a year ago!!). By the way? What is everyone dressing up as for the pagan holiday tradition????? My friends and I decided I'd be hilarious if I was Barbie since I'm the anti-Barbie. :p So, what are you guys being?

... or are you all more mature then me? :p
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